SVGC Gun Club
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Sycamore Valley Gun Club
Freedom, Indiana

Range Rules & Regulations

Shooting Hours
Monday - Saturday
8:00 a.m.- sunset
No shooting before 1:00 p.m.

Gun Handling Rules
  1. ALWAYS KEEP THE GUN POINTED IN A SAFE DIRECTION. Never point a gun except down range. Never allow your gun muzzle to point at another person. CARELESS GUN HANDLING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
  2. ALWAYS KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER UNTIL READY TO SHOOT , and outside the trigger guard, until ready to fire or until the command "Commence Firing" has been given.
  3. ALWAYS KEEP THE ACTION OPEN WITH OPEN BOLT INDICATORS (OBI) IN PLACE AND FIREARM UNLOADED UNTIL READY TO USE. (On a firing range this means the shooters are in position on the firing line and the range has been cleared for live firing.)
  4. KNOW YOUR TARGET AND WHAT IS BEYOND. When on shooting ranges, be mindful of adjacent areas and act accordingly.
  7. USE ONLY THE CORRECT AMMUNITION FOR YOUR GUN. When at a shooting range with more than one firearm, use one at a time and when finished, store that firearm and its ammunition before using the next one.
  9. NEVER USE ALCOHOL OR DRUGS BEFORE OR WHILE SHOOTING. Do not bring alcoholic beverages onto the range or come on the range if you have been drinking.
  10. Obey the commands of the Range Officer at all times.
  11. Do not go forward of the firing line except on specific command of the Range Officer.
  12. During a "Cease Fire ," unload and bench your gun and leave it alone! Step back from the line and stay back until you are given a " Commence Firing " command. Even if you are through firing, leave your equipment alone until you hear " Commence Firing."
  13. Do not load your gun until "Commence Firing."
  14. When entering or leaving the range, have your guns unloaded with the actions locked open or cased or holstered. Treat all guns as if loaded at all times.
  15. Fire only from the firing line and only toward target points in front of your position. Do not cross fire.
  16. Do not touch any person's guns or equipment without the person's expressed consent.
  17. Do not smoke within fifteen feet of black powder.
  18. Firing will be done only at authorized targets. Cans, bottles, etc. are not authorized targets.
  19. Any vandalizing of SVGC range property will result in the termination of your membership. In addition, you will be held financially responsible for such acts.
  20. You are permitted to bring guests to the range. Don’t abuse this privilege. If you have guests of any age, make them aware of the Range Rules and Safety Plan, as you will be held responsible for their behavior.
  21. If you bring a young person to the range, leave the toy guns at home. Confusion bred by mixed toy and real guns can lead to a potentially dangerous situation.
  22. Due to fire hazard, no tracer or incendiary ammunition may be fired on the ranges.
  23. All juvenile members must be accompanied by an adult SVGC member in good standing, or by a parent, guardian or adult (18 years of age or over) member of his family.
  24. Fully automatic firearms are not allowed on the ranges nor are firearms firing the 50 BMG cartridge.
  25. Effective April 14, 2012 SVGC operates as a cold range - do not carry loaded firearms between range areas. The cemetery space is exempt from this rule.

  • Do not shoot on the Range by yourself.
  • Use litter and trash containers
  • Put aluminum cans in can container for recycling.
  • Clean up your brass and put in buckets.